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Underwater fireworks

8th May 2012

Lighting welding gas underwater makes for a nice show

  • Sugar snake

    8th May 2012

    Sugar turns in to a large black snake, which rises out a beaker

  • Oxygen at elementary school!

    8th May 2012

    Oxygen tries to make friends in the playground

  • Money to burn

    8th May 2012

    A £20 note goes up in flames and survives the ordeal

  • Hydrophobic carbon nanotubes

    8th May 2012

    Water can do strange things when it's on hydrophobic materials.

  • Chemistry party

    8th May 2012

    What would elements be like if they all met at a party?

  • An Amateur's Guide to Jetpacks

    8th May 2012

    Jetpacks rely on chemistry to get off the ground

  • Our Children on Water

    20th June 2011

    An art exhibition showing how the world's children feel about water

  • Water Sustainability - a Global Challenge

    2nd June 2011

    Richard Allan, Chief Scientist at Scottish Water, discusses the challenges we face in securing freshwater supplies at a global level.

  • Why water is weird

    5th May 2011

    Life on Earth needs water to survive, but water is a strange liquid with odd properties. Author Philip Ball explores the weird world of water.

  • From the Romans to the Ring Main

    7th April 2011

    Navigate the surprising and fascinating twists and turns of the history of London's water supply with Rob Casey from Thames Water.

  • Battling the chill with chemistry

    21st December 2010

    From plane deicers to flea proteins, Helen Sharman looks at the chemical world of antifreeze

  • A load of balls

    29th July 2010

    Which? Magazine declares washing machine eco-balls and dryerballs as "a waste of money", and the supposed science behind them leaves a lot to be desired too

  • Water and Air

    7th May 2010

    How will we provide the whole world with clean water and air?

  • Can we feed nine billion?

    4th November 2009

    John Emsley asked the uncomfortable questions about food production in the future