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30th July 2013

Why you shouldn't hit nitroglycerine with a hammer

  • X-rays reveal Dinobird's patterned plumage

    13th June 2013

    Synchrotron-based chemical imaging reveals how early bird could have looked

  • Baroness Thatcher and science and entrepreneurship

    8th April 2013

    Professor Graham Richards comments on the Iron Lady and science

  • Joseph Priestley

    4th April 2013

    Among many chemists and historians of science Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) is only known as Lavoisier's nemesis, an obstinate defender of the outmoded phlogiston theory

  • Interview with Heather Williams

    11th February 2013

    Watch a video interview with the founder and director of ScienceGrrl

  • Romantic Chemistry

    8th January 2013

    An interesting exhibition about the extraordinary history of unusual elements with objects and manuscripts of archives and artefacts from the collections of the Royal Society

  • Romantic Chemistry

    13th December 2012

    An interesting exhibition about the extraordinary history of unusual elements with objects and manuscripts of archives and artefacts from the collections of the Royal Society

  • The forgotten scientist who trained T.E. Lawrence behind enemy lines

    4th December 2012

    50th anniversary of Lawrence of Arabia next Monday spurs call for recognition

  • A unique perfume for a unique Queen

    19th November 2012

    The Royal Society of Chemistry has commissioned Adamas, an exclusive fragrance to be given to Her Majesty The Queen as a Christmas gift to mark the end of her Diamond Jubilee Year

  • The conception of a contraceptive

    15th October 2012

    The first contraceptive pill was developed on this day in 1951

  • Silent Spring

    28th September 2012

    50 years anniversary of Rachel Carson's book that inspired the environmental movement

  • King’s College London

    23rd July 2012

    On the front of the Strand Campus of King's College you can find a National Chemical Landmark blue plaque awarded by the RSC to commemorate the work of scientists towards the discovery of the structure of DNA.

  • Poisonous socks

    3rd May 2012

    Stories from the 19th and 20th centuries about chemistry's central role in contemporary culture

  • Science for a safer world

    21st November 2011

    Dr Derek Craston, the Government Chemist, reveals how Captain Scott's preparations for his 1901 Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic included a personal request to the Government Chemist to analyse his planned food supplies.

  • The three lives of Marie Curie

    17th November 2011

    Dr Serge Plattard examines how through the development of radiotherapy methods and instruments Marie Curie led the way in the fight against cancer.

  • Robert Boyle's A Sceptical Chymist

    4th August 2011

    Celebrate the 350th anniversary of the publication of a Sceptical Chymist by Robert Boyle with Professor Duncan Thorburn Burns.

  • From the Romans to the Ring Main

    7th April 2011

    Navigate the surprising and fascinating twists and turns of the history of London's water supply with Rob Casey from Thames Water.

  • Still burning bright

    30th March 2011

    200 years after his birth, Robert Bunsen’s famous burner is used in laboratories around the world

  • Chemhistory: Chemical Society of London

    23rd February 2011

    23 February marks the 170th anniversary of the formation of the Chemical Society

  • Turn on and Tune in

    10th February 2011

    Take a trip through the weird world of drug use and abuse, with writer and scientist John Mann

  • Remembering a forgotten hero

    11th November 2010

    One chemist saved millions of lives, and paid for his dedication with his life

  • Chemhistory: mauveine

    9th November 2010

    A chemistry set and a young boy's curiosity led to the birth of an industry, writes Alan Dronsfield

  • The unluckiest inventor

    2nd November 2010

    The life and works of Thomas Midgley, Jr, creator of leaded petrol and CFCs

  • The hidden hero of Trafalgar

    21st October 2010

    Today we remember Nelson, Victory, and the secret element of success: copper

  • Elements of scientific success

    7th October 2010

    Richard Pike, CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry, delves into the history of the RSC as part of a lecture series by all Burlington House Societies to celebrate the Story of London Festival.

  • Chemhistory: phosphorus

    14th September 2010

    Professor Alan Dronsfield examines the practicalities of a poisoning half a century ago

  • Crime scene to court

    2nd September 2010

    We've all seen it on TV, but what role does forensics really play in a criminal investigation? Peter White, consultant and Professor of Forensic Science, reveals all.

  • Chemhistory: cocaine

    10th August 2010

    Alan Dronsfield looks at cocaine's history of perking up, pulling teeth and Papal endorsement

  • Make mine a pint!

    5th August 2010

    Once upon a time some bright spark made a drink that was tasty, alcoholic and safer than water. What was this miracle drink? Beer!

  • Garland of Arabia

    2nd August 2010

    We unveil the story of the true hero of the classic tale: a forgotten chemist and TE Lawrence's mentor