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Why does the sun shine?

8th May 2012

Sun shine is the result of nuclear fission taking place in the sun turning hydrogen into helium.

  • Whoosh bottle

    8th May 2012

    A jet engine in a watter bottle

  • Volcano!

    8th May 2012

    A smouldering pile suddenly emits a shower of sparks, flames and smoke

  • Underwater fireworks

    8th May 2012

    Lighting welding gas underwater makes for a nice show

  • Pharaoh's serpent

    8th May 2012

    Setting light to some white powder raises a mysterious serpent

  • Oxygen at elementary school!

    8th May 2012

    Oxygen tries to make friends in the playground

  • Money to burn

    8th May 2012

    A £20 note goes up in flames and survives the ordeal

  • Flaming ice

    8th May 2012

    Odd as it sounds - setting ice on fire

  • Flame tests

    8th May 2012

    Different metals burn with different colours

  • Chip Pan Fire

    8th May 2012

    How not to handle a chip pan fire

  • Still burning bright

    30th March 2011

    200 years after his birth, Robert Bunsen’s famous burner is used in laboratories around the world