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Bringing Science to the Olympics

14th June 2012

A GSK sponsored lecture on the role of chemistry in London 2012

  • Volcano!

    8th May 2012

    A smouldering pile suddenly emits a shower of sparks, flames and smoke

  • Vanishing cup trick

    8th May 2012

    A styrofoam cup completely disappears in acetone

  • Sugar snake

    8th May 2012

    Sugar turns in to a large black snake, which rises out a beaker

  • Screaming jelly baby

    8th May 2012

    A jelly baby meets its demise in molten potassium chlorate

  • Daniel Radcliffe sings The Elements

    8th May 2012

    Daniel Radcliffe, star in the Harry Potter films, sings The Elements by Tom Lehrer on the Graham Norton Show.

  • How photocopiers work

    8th May 2012

    The science behind a photocopier

  • Pharaoh's serpent

    8th May 2012

    Setting light to some white powder raises a mysterious serpent

  • Oxygen at elementary school!

    8th May 2012

    Oxygen tries to make friends in the playground

  • Do the Twist with non-Newtonian fluids

    8th May 2012

    Put a non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker and watch the results

  • Money to burn

    8th May 2012

    A £20 note goes up in flames and survives the ordeal

  • Milk kaleidoscope

    8th May 2012

    Washing up liquid, food colour and milk create a kaleidoscope

  • Meet the Elements

    8th May 2012

    A song by They Might Be Giants from their album Here Comes Science

  • The Incredible Hulk

    8th May 2012

    Like The Hulk, this reaction starts pink then becomes green and angry

  • Nitroglycerine

    8th May 2012

    Why you shouldn't hit nitroglycerine with a hammer

  • Google instant's Elements song

    8th May 2012

    Google Instant plus Tom Lehrer creates fun musical chemistry mayhem

  • Float my boat

    8th May 2012

    Boat floats seemingly in mid-air

  • Elephant toothpaste

    8th May 2012

    How to produce very large quantities of foam very rapidly

  • Chip Pan Fire

    8th May 2012

    How not to handle a chip pan fire

  • Chemistry party

    8th May 2012

    What would elements be like if they all met at a party?

  • Mercury beating heart

    8th May 2012

    A blob of mercury beats like a heart

  • Barking dog

    8th May 2012

    A lit tube 'barks' like a dog

  • Poisonous socks

    3rd May 2012

    Stories from the 19th and 20th centuries about chemistry's central role in contemporary culture

  • Alzheimer's disease: treatments on the horizon

    19th April 2012

    750,000 people in the UK have dementia - how will we diagnose and treat them?

  • From test tube to Turner - the role of the chemist in art

    12th April 2012

    Professor Andy Abbott looks at the changes in the artist's pallet from natural pigments through the work of the alchemist and the chemist to the current kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

  • Soybeans - the world's healthiest food?

    3rd April 2012

    Professor Ian Rowland discusses whether the consumption of soy is a recipe for a long and healthy life.

  • Genetic fingerprinting: past, present and future

    1st March 2012

    Alec Jeffreys will discuss the origins of DNA fingerprinting through to the latest developments and their social impact.

  • Food for thought

    14th February 2012

    Dr Jeremy Spencer examines the role of flavonoid-rich foods which have been shown to promote a healthy heart and improve our mind and mood.

  • Global Transport 2050: scenarios and implications

    2nd February 2012

    Dr Ayed Al-Qahtani, World Energy Council, discusses the results of a year long study into how we could reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  • A medicine cabinet in your garden?

    19th January 2012

    Professor Monique Simmonds, Director of Kew Innovation Unit, talks about the use of plants and fungi as sources of sustainably harvested medicines.

  • Next few days to next few decades

    11th January 2012

    BBC Weather presenter and Met Office forecaster Peter Gibbs takes a behind the scenes look at weather prediction.

  • The quest for a clean drink

    7th December 2011

    Phil Souter discusses the challenges faced in making potential water sources drinkable using chemical technology.

  • Celebration of the Periodic Table

    6th December 2011

    The RSC would like to welcome you to the launch night of our interactive periodic table.

  • The three lives of Marie Curie

    17th November 2011

    Dr Serge Plattard examines how through the development of radiotherapy methods and instruments Marie Curie led the way in the fight against cancer.

  • Harnessing the Light Fantastic

    10th November 2011

    Professor Nick Terrill explains how using light is pushing forward research in futuristic materials.

  • Recharging the Planet

    8th September 2011

    Professor Clare Grey will talk about some of the latest developments in energy storage and how it will influence future sustainable transport.

  • Hale and Hearty?

    7th September 2011

    The way to the heart is through the stomach. Julie Lovegrove investigates the crucial role diet plays in the health of heart and blood vessels.

  • Robert Boyle's A Sceptical Chymist

    4th August 2011

    Celebrate the 350th anniversary of the publication of a Sceptical Chymist by Robert Boyle with Professor Duncan Thorburn Burns.

  • Still burning bright

    30th March 2011

    200 years after his birth, Robert Bunsen’s famous burner is used in laboratories around the world

  • A little light relief

    10th March 2011

    David Phillips, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, demonstrates the truths and the fallacies behind the ancient belief in the healing powers of light.

  • Let's do lunch: your 21st century lunchbox

    23rd February 2011

    Suitable for young and old alike, it's a lunch break with a chemistry twist, hosted by food scientist Tom Coultate. We'll even provide the food!

  • Turn on and Tune in

    10th February 2011

    Take a trip through the weird world of drug use and abuse, with writer and scientist John Mann

  • iPad competition - the result

    11th January 2011

    Who sent us the most interesting, creative celebration of chemistry around the home?

  • Sex and the City: the Emerging Role of Human Skin

    6th January 2011

    Is the role of skin merely to provide an aesthetically pleasing covering for the body? Modern research says otherwise, says Professor Paul Matts.

  • Black holes and revelations

    23rd November 2010

    Helen Sharman writes on the alien chemistry of planets and stars

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition shortlist

    15th November 2010

    Check out the five top entries for the competition and vote for your favourite

  • Chemhistory: mauveine

    9th November 2010

    A chemistry set and a young boy's curiosity led to the birth of an industry, writes Alan Dronsfield

  • Geordie male duos have best TV chemistry

    1st November 2010

    A poll of chemists found the best and worst of TV presenter chemistry - now it's your turn!

  • Spiders vs conkers: the definitive guide

    26th October 2010

    A roundup of the evidence for and against the purported arachnid repellent

  • Organic chemistry, naturally

    9th August 2010

    The RSC's offer of a £1million bounty for a 100% chemical free product has attracted the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition

    3rd August 2010

    Find some amazing chemistry in your house, tell us about it in a creative way, and win an iPad

  • Bonkers conkers

    15th July 2010

    Pupils scoop prize for unravelling conker theory

  • About the Chemistry Centre

    7th May 2010

    The Chemistry Centre is a beautifully-restored facility for celebrating chemistry

  • About the RSC

    7th May 2010

    The RSC is dedicated to promoting and developing the chemical sciences for the benefit of society

  • Chemical Landmarks

    7th May 2010

    Navigate the RSC's Chemical Landmarks map and discover places where chemistry history was made

  • Chemistry for Tomorrow's World

    7th May 2010

    The RSC's roadmap for the chemical sciences is a guide to the future of chemistry research

  • Chemistry Centre grand opening

    30th April 2010

    Not a public event, but a special one worth remembering