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Screaming jelly baby

8th May 2012

A jelly baby meets its demise in molten potassium chlorate

  • Phosphorus sun

    8th May 2012

    Dr Hal Sosabowski performs a beautiful and dangerous experiment

  • Oxygen at elementary school!

    8th May 2012

    Oxygen tries to make friends in the playground

  • The Incredible Hulk

    8th May 2012

    Like The Hulk, this reaction starts pink then becomes green and angry

  • Elephant toothpaste

    8th May 2012

    How to produce very large quantities of foam very rapidly

  • Chemistry party

    8th May 2012

    What would elements be like if they all met at a party?

  • Chemistry keeps cosmonauts comfortable

    12th October 2010

    Helen Sharman on the science of living in space