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From test tube to Turner - the role of the chemist in art

12th April 2012

Professor Andy Abbott looks at the changes in the artist's pallet from natural pigments through the work of the alchemist and the chemist to the current kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

  • Genetic fingerprinting: past, present and future

    1st March 2012

    Alec Jeffreys will discuss the origins of DNA fingerprinting through to the latest developments and their social impact.

  • Turn on and Tune in

    10th February 2011

    Take a trip through the weird world of drug use and abuse, with writer and scientist John Mann

  • Chemhistory: phosphorus

    14th September 2010

    Professor Alan Dronsfield examines the practicalities of a poisoning half a century ago

  • Crime scene to court

    2nd September 2010

    We've all seen it on TV, but what role does forensics really play in a criminal investigation? Peter White, consultant and Professor of Forensic Science, reveals all.