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Do the Twist with non-Newtonian fluids

30th July 2013

Put a non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker and watch the results

  • An Amateur's Guide to Jetpacks

    30th July 2013

    Jetpacks rely on chemistry to get off the ground

  • Grand finale of Chemistry tour in South Africa

    9th May 2013

    The last episodes of the video diary from Dr Stephen Ashworth, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of East Anglia

  • Provision for practical science in schools is seriously lacking

    2nd May 2013

    New evidence shows that a worrying number of students are not experiencing a complete and authentic education in the sciences

  • I’m a Scientist – Get me out of Here

    25th April 2013

    Are you passionate about your research? Do you want to share what you do with school students? Apply to the "X Factor" for scientists!

  • Chemistry on tour in South Africa

    10th April 2013

    News from the Kitchen Chemistry outreach tour with Dr Stephen Ashworth, University of East Anglia

  • Chemistry on tour in South Africa - week 6

    21st March 2013

    This episode of the video diary from Dr Stephen Ashworth, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of East Anglia, takes us to Sutherland, Knysna, George and Cape Town

  • Benedict is worth... £96,546.79

    19th March 2013

    The results of the competition held at the Cambridge Science Festival

  • New tests on chemicals in everyday life

    26th February 2013

    Effects of human exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals examined in landmark UN report

  • Kitchen Chemistry on tour

    23rd January 2013

    Dr Stephen Ashworth, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of East Anglia, brings chemistry on tour in South Africa

  • Policy doesn’t just happen

    14th January 2013

    An insight into Science Policy activities at the RSC

  • Romantic Chemistry

    13th December 2012

    An interesting exhibition about the extraordinary history of unusual elements with objects and manuscripts of archives and artefacts from the collections of the Royal Society

  • Lefkowitz and Kobilka awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012

    11th December 2012

    They received their Nobel Prize medal and diploma from His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

  • Heather Williams

    10th December 2012

    Let’s find out more about the founder and director of ScienceGrrl

  • Lesley Yellowlees

    5th December 2012

    Meet the new RSC President, the first woman in 171 years of history

  • The forgotten scientist who trained T.E. Lawrence behind enemy lines

    4th December 2012

    50th anniversary of Lawrence of Arabia next Monday spurs call for recognition

  • Audrey Cameron

    3rd December 2012

    First deaf chemistry PhD in Scotland, who now develops British Sign Language for science teachers

  • Crystallography on BBC Radio 4

    29th November 2012

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discussed the history crystallography

  • Keep calm and do chemistry

    5th November 2012

    On 7th November 2012 share chemistry in real time

  • Design the RSC’s Facebook cover photo for December

    24th October 2012

    Embrace the Christmas spirit and send us chemistry-inspired pictures/drawings

  • Artificial Jellyfish

    23rd July 2012

    Researchers from Harvard University and California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have created Medusoid, a pseudo-organism made from rat heart muscle cells and silicone membrane with eight appendages.

  • Freezing Hot

    16th July 2012

    If you take two bodies of water, identical in all parameters, except in temperature, and put them in a freezer, initially hot water will freeze faster than cold water.

  • From test tube to Turner - the role of the chemist in art

    12th April 2012

    Professor Andy Abbott looks at the changes in the artist's pallet from natural pigments through the work of the alchemist and the chemist to the current kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

  • Genetic fingerprinting: past, present and future

    1st March 2012

    Alec Jeffreys will discuss the origins of DNA fingerprinting through to the latest developments and their social impact.

  • Celebration of the Periodic Table

    6th December 2011

    The RSC would like to welcome you to the launch night of our interactive periodic table.

  • Science on the Silver Screen

    25th May 2011

    Is there science on the silver screen? Celebrate Towel Day as journalist and author Michael Hanlon explores the science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Still burning bright

    30th March 2011

    200 years after his birth, Robert Bunsen’s famous burner is used in laboratories around the world

  • A little light relief

    10th March 2011

    David Phillips, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, demonstrates the truths and the fallacies behind the ancient belief in the healing powers of light.

  • Let's do lunch: your 21st century lunchbox

    23rd February 2011

    Suitable for young and old alike, it's a lunch break with a chemistry twist, hosted by food scientist Tom Coultate. We'll even provide the food!

  • Sex and the City: the Emerging Role of Human Skin

    6th January 2011

    Is the role of skin merely to provide an aesthetically pleasing covering for the body? Modern research says otherwise, says Professor Paul Matts.

  • Don't panic!

    10th December 2010

    Is there science in sci-fi? Journalist and author Michael Hanlon explores the science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Chemistry keeps cosmonauts comfortable

    12th October 2010

    Helen Sharman on the science of living in space

  • Setting the broken record straight

    3rd September 2010

    Paul Gallagher stands up for science pupils

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition

    3rd August 2010

    Find some amazing chemistry in your house, tell us about it in a creative way, and win an iPad

  • Get rid of scientists

    24th June 2010

    British astronaut Helen Sharman asks why science is no longer considered culture in the UK

  • Welcome to The Reaction

    7th May 2010

    Read on and find out what to expect from The Reaction