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The Science of White

8th May 2012

Andrea Sella discusses the science of the colour white.

  • Chemhistory: Chemical Society of London

    23rd February 2011

    23 Feburary marks the 170th anniversary of the formation of the Chemical Society

  • Privacy

    17th November 2010

    Privacy statement for The Reaction

  • Elements of scientific success

    7th October 2010

    Richard Pike, CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry, delves into the history of the RSC as part of a lecture series by all Burlington House Societies to celebrate the Story of London Festival.

  • Organic chemistry, naturally

    9th August 2010

    The RSC's offer of a £1million bounty for a 100% chemical free product has attracted the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous

  • Bonkers conkers

    15th July 2010

    Pupils scoop prize for unravelling conker theory

  • About the Chemistry Centre

    7th May 2010

    The Chemistry Centre is a beautifully-restored facility for celebrating chemistry

  • About the RSC

    7th May 2010

    The RSC is dedicated to promoting and developing the chemical sciences for the benefit of society

  • Chemical Landmarks

    7th May 2010

    Navigate the RSC's Chemical Landmarks map and discover places where chemistry history was made

  • Chemistry for Tomorrow's World

    7th May 2010

    The RSC's roadmap for the chemical sciences is a guide to the future of chemistry research

  • Welcome to The Reaction

    7th May 2010

    Read on and find out what to expect from The Reaction

  • Accessibility

    7th May 2010

    Advice on accessing this website

  • Contact Us

    7th May 2010

    Get in touch to offer your thoughts, comments and criticisms, or just to say hello

  • Terms and Conditions

    7th May 2010

    Terms and Conditions of using this website

  • Chemistry Centre grand opening

    30th April 2010

    Not a public event, but a special one worth remembering