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Soybeans - the world's healthiest food?

3rd April 2012

Professor Ian Rowland discusses whether the consumption of soy is a recipe for a long and healthy life.

  • Food for thought

    14th February 2012

    Dr Jeremy Spencer examines the role of flavonoid-rich foods which have been shown to promote a healthy heart and improve our mind and mood.

  • Can we live without E-numbers?

    23rd August 2011

    E-numbers are often seen as the nemesis of a healthy diet, yet we eat them every day – why? Discuss with Dr David Baines.

  • What flavour is my lunchbox?

    10th August 2011

    Join Dr Jane Parker, food scientist, for a sensory overloaded lunch as she explains why there is much more to flavour than what taste-buds tell us.