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Tesco introducing DNA testing

4th February 2013

'About time!' say RSC and Association of Public Analysts

  • Healthier chocolate

    14th August 2012

    Who would not like to be able to eat chocolate and not think too much about the fat content? What if I tell you chemists are trying to make that happen?

  • Tea/Coffee? Yes, no, maybe.

    2nd May 2012

    To drink or not to drink, this is the question. Over the years tea and coffee have been associated with a lot of heath issues, both positively and negatively.

  • Juice what the doctor ordered

    5th May 2011

    French scientists have devised a fruit cocktail that could ward off heart disease

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition shortlist

    15th November 2010

    Check out the five top entries for the competition and vote for your favourite

  • Safety in numbers

    27th August 2010

    For all their bad press, chemicals with E numbers are mostly harmless