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Robert Boyle's Birthday

25th January 2013

English chemist author of "A Sceptical Chymist" was born on this day in 1627

  • Fran Scott

    16th January 2013

    Watch the interview to find out about how she got involved with Sciencegrrrl and much more...

  • Women Champions in Science

    23rd November 2012

    The RSC is hosting a play for school students called If Chloe Can…, based on a book by Esther McVey MP

  • Debate on Synthetic Biology

    25th October 2012

    The Royal Society of Chemistry hosted a panel discussion and debate to explore the science and ethics of synthetic biology and what it means for the UK.

  • The continuing creation of Physical Chemistry

    28th September 2012

    Peter Atkins on the story of his most famous work and the future of textbooks

  • Abiraterone - UK Discovery Excellence

    17th September 2012

    Professor Johann de Bono, Institute of Cancer Research, will speak at the Chemistry Centre in the Chemistry for Tomorrow's World 2012 Lecture Series

  • From test tube to Turner

    13th April 2012

    The role of the chemistry in art

  • Welcome to The Reaction

    7th May 2010

    Read on and find out what to expect from The Reaction