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X-rays reveal Dinobird's patterned plumage

13th June 2013

Synchrotron-based chemical imaging reveals how early bird could have looked

  • Chemistry is not just for boys

    10th May 2013

    Science is 'for everyone', let's stop reinforcing unhelpful gender stereotypes

  • Darren Smyth

    3rd April 2013

    Design and patent attorney at EIP Elements practice group

  • Benedict is worth... £96,546.79

    19th March 2013

    The results of the competition held at the Cambridge Science Festival

  • Happy Birthday Joseph Priestley

    13th March 2013

    Celebrating the anniversary of the 280th birthday of a great scientic and science communicator

  • New tests on chemicals in everyday life

    26th February 2013

    Effects of human exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals examined in landmark UN report

  • Fran Scott

    16th January 2013

    Watch the interview to find out about how she got involved with Sciencegrrrl and much more...

  • Heather Williams

    10th December 2012

    Let’s find out more about the founder and director of ScienceGrrl

  • Science: It’s a Real Thing!

    26th November 2012

    The first of a series of features about ScienceGrrl, a network of (almost entirely) very passionate female scientists committed to passing this love on to the next generation

  • Michael Edenborough

    12th November 2012

    How a trained chemist moves to become an intellectual property barrister

  • Keep calm and do chemistry

    5th November 2012

    On 7th November 2012 share chemistry in real time

  • The conception of a contraceptive

    15th October 2012

    The first contraceptive pill was developed on this day in 1951

  • Geordie male duos have best TV chemistry

    1st November 2010

    A poll of chemists found the best and worst of TV presenter chemistry - now it's your turn!

  • Get rid of scientists

    24th June 2010

    British astronaut Helen Sharman asks why science is no longer considered culture in the UK