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From pure science to profit

23rd November 2012

Creativity in chemistry allows us to discover things that no one knew were there to be discovered. Scientists need to be aware of business needs but not driven by them, says John Cadogan

  • Non-animal test could spare 1 million mice

    5th November 2012

    The Royal Society of Chemistry today welcomed the implementation of newly-developed non-animal methods of testing for poisons in shellfish from the seas around Britain which has led to 14,000 mice being spared testing and death in 2012

  • Tea/Coffee? Yes, no, maybe.

    2nd May 2012

    To drink or not to drink, this is the question. Over the years tea and coffee have been associated with a lot of heath issues, both positively and negatively.

  • Juice what the doctor ordered

    5th May 2011

    French scientists have devised a fruit cocktail that could ward off heart disease

  • Better, stronger, faster, sleepier

    6th January 2011

    Co-inventor of the anaesthetic propofol explains why it's the most popular and effective drug of its kind

  • The unluckiest inventor

    2nd November 2010

    The life and works of Thomas Midgley, Jr, creator of leaded petrol and CFCs

  • Chemistry keeps cosmonauts comfortable

    12th October 2010

    Helen Sharman on the science of living in space

  • Vultures get a bad press

    31st August 2010

    Brian Emsley mourns the plight of the under-loved species

  • Safety in numbers

    27th August 2010

    For all their bad press, chemicals with E numbers are mostly harmless

  • Summertime, and the gard'nin' is easy

    24th August 2010

    Helen Sharman ponders the safety of future bathroom cabinet products

  • World's most attractive woman

    20th August 2010

    Even brass coins apparently stick to this magnetic mum

  • Chemhistory: cocaine

    10th August 2010

    Alan Dronsfield looks at cocaine's history of perking up, pulling teeth and Papal endorsement