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Antibiotic resistance threat

28th January 2013

UK government must support UK drug discovery and innovation now

  • Insulin dose through the nose – the end of injections for diabetics?

    8th November 2012

    Scientists have developed a once-a-day nasal gel formulation for the delivery of insulin that could put an end to injections for Type 1 diabetes sufferers

  • The conception of a contraceptive

    15th October 2012

    The first contraceptive pill was developed on this day in 1951

  • Abiraterone - UK Discovery Excellence

    17th September 2012

    Professor Johann de Bono, Institute of Cancer Research, will speak at the Chemistry Centre in the Chemistry for Tomorrow's World 2012 Lecture Series

  • London 2012: science is ready!

    18th June 2012

    Some insight on the key role science will play in the approaching Olympic and Paralympics games

  • Better, stronger, faster, sleepier

    6th January 2011

    Co-inventor of the anaesthetic propofol explains why it's the most popular and effective drug of its kind

  • Vultures get a bad press

    31st August 2010

    Brian Emsley mourns the plight of the under-loved species