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Juice what the doctor ordered

5th May 2011

French scientists have devised a fruit cocktail that could ward off heart disease

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    28th April 2011

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    28th April 2011

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  • Still burning bright

    30th March 2011

    200 years after his birth, Robert Bunsen’s famous burner is used in laboratories around the world

  • Chemhistory: Chemical Society of London

    23rd February 2011

    23 February marks the 170th anniversary of the formation of the Chemical Society

  • iPad competition - the result

    11th January 2011

    Who sent us the most interesting, creative celebration of chemistry around the home?

  • Better, stronger, faster, sleepier

    6th January 2011

    Co-inventor of the anaesthetic propofol explains why it's the most popular and effective drug of its kind