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Battling the chill with chemistry

21st December 2010

From plane deicers to flea proteins, Helen Sharman looks at the chemical world of antifreeze

  • Life, the universe and arsenic

    9th December 2010

    A roundup of the hype and science of NASA's controversial announcement

  • Black holes and revelations

    23rd November 2010

    Helen Sharman writes on the alien chemistry of planets and stars

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition shortlist

    15th November 2010

    Check out the five top entries for the competition and vote for your favourite

  • Remembering a forgotten hero

    11th November 2010

    One chemist saved millions of lives, and paid for his dedication with his life

  • Chemhistory: mauveine

    9th November 2010

    A chemistry set and a young boy's curiosity led to the birth of an industry, writes Alan Dronsfield

  • The unluckiest inventor

    2nd November 2010

    The life and works of Thomas Midgley, Jr, creator of leaded petrol and CFCs

  • Geordie male duos have best TV chemistry

    1st November 2010

    A poll of chemists found the best and worst of TV presenter chemistry - now it's your turn!

  • Spiders vs conkers: the definitive guide

    26th October 2010

    A roundup of the evidence for and against the purported arachnid repellent

  • The hidden hero of Trafalgar

    21st October 2010

    Today we remember Nelson, Victory, and the secret element of success: copper

  • Chemistry keeps cosmonauts comfortable

    12th October 2010

    Helen Sharman on the science of living in space

  • Science degrees better value than arts?

    8th October 2010

    A public poll indicates people think science degrees are better value for taxpayers' money

  • Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2010

    7th October 2010

    What is so important about the Heck, Negishi and Suzuki reactions?

  • Chemhistory: phosphorus

    14th September 2010

    Professor Alan Dronsfield examines the practicalities of a poisoning half a century ago

  • Setting the broken record straight

    3rd September 2010

    Paul Gallagher stands up for science pupils

  • Vultures get a bad press

    31st August 2010

    Brian Emsley mourns the plight of the under-loved species

  • Safety in numbers

    27th August 2010

    For all their bad press, chemicals with E numbers are mostly harmless

  • Summertime, and the gard'nin' is easy

    24th August 2010

    Helen Sharman ponders the safety of future bathroom cabinet products

  • World's most attractive woman

    20th August 2010

    Even brass coins apparently stick to this magnetic mum

  • Drinking the stars

    13th August 2010

    The chemistry of the distinctive bubbles of champagne is almost entirely responsible for its vivid taste and aroma

  • Chemhistory: cocaine

    10th August 2010

    Alan Dronsfield looks at cocaine's history of perking up, pulling teeth and Papal endorsement

  • Organic chemistry, naturally

    9th August 2010

    The RSC's offer of a £1million bounty for a 100% chemical free product has attracted the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous

  • Bill Bryson iPad competition

    3rd August 2010

    Find some amazing chemistry in your house, tell us about it in a creative way, and win an iPad

  • Garland of Arabia

    2nd August 2010

    We unveil the story of the true hero of the classic tale: a forgotten chemist and TE Lawrence's mentor

  • A load of balls

    29th July 2010

    Which? Magazine declares washing machine eco-balls and dryerballs as "a waste of money", and the supposed science behind them leaves a lot to be desired too

  • Spaceballs

    23rd July 2010

    There is a good chance all life on Earth is, in part, made up of space footballs.

  • Bonkers conkers

    15th July 2010

    Pupils scoop prize for unravelling conker theory

  • Get rid of scientists

    24th June 2010

    British astronaut Helen Sharman asks why science is no longer considered culture in the UK

  • It's life, Jim... but not as we know it

    21st May 2010

    Is the 'artificial life' news that significant?

  • Welcome to The Reaction

    7th May 2010

    Read on and find out what to expect from The Reaction