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The modern Alchemist

20th December 2012

The Royal Institution's 2012 Christmas Lectures presented by chemist Peter Wothers have been broadcasted on BBC Four in December and are now available online

  • Mpemba competition shortlist announced

    19th December 2012

    11 entries chosen among the 22000 - winners to be announced on 10 January

  • Romantic Chemistry

    13th December 2012

    An interesting exhibition about the extraordinary history of unusual elements with objects and manuscripts of archives and artefacts from the collections of the Royal Society

  • Lefkowitz and Kobilka awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012

    11th December 2012

    They received their Nobel Prize medal and diploma from His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

  • Heather Williams

    10th December 2012

    Let’s find out more about the founder and director of ScienceGrrl

  • Curiosity update

    6th December 2012

    Paolo Bellutta, one of the drivers of the Mars Rover, tells us more about the on-going mission

  • Lesley Yellowlees

    5th December 2012

    Meet the new RSC President, the first woman in 171 years of history

  • The forgotten scientist who trained T.E. Lawrence behind enemy lines

    4th December 2012

    50th anniversary of Lawrence of Arabia next Monday spurs call for recognition

  • Audrey Cameron

    3rd December 2012

    First deaf chemistry PhD in Scotland, who now develops British Sign Language for science teachers