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London 2012 – Act II

29th August 2012

The London 2012 Paralympics promise yet more sporting excitement, and even science plays a part

  • Too red to be on the loose

    23rd August 2012

    Some chemistry insight into the brightly colour of the scarlet ibis escaped from the Edinburgh Zoo

  • Celebrating Berzelius

    20th August 2012

    24 new videos to celebrate the Swedish chemist who discovered silicon, cerium, selenium, and thorium

  • Healthier chocolate

    14th August 2012

    Who would not like to be able to eat chocolate and not think too much about the fat content? What if I tell you chemists are trying to make that happen?

  • All the colours of... the shooting stars

    10th August 2012

    The chemistry behind the Perseid meteor shower

  • They sent a chemist to Mars!

    6th August 2012

    NASA Car-sized Rover Curiosity landed on Mars ready for two-year investigation