The RSC holds a variety of events at The Chemistry Centre, on a wide range of topics related to the chemical sciences. Click on the titles of each event to find out more. 


Don't panic!

10th December 2010

Is there science in sci-fi? Journalist and author Michael Hanlon explores the science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • The Music Instinct

    6th December 2010

    Why do we like music? What makes a tune catchy? Come and discuss with award-winning popular science writer Philip Ball.

  • Nuts about Christmas

    2nd December 2010

    Professor Clare Mills uses some festive examples to shed light on the difficult world of food allergies.

  • Materials Chemistry at the Origin of Life

    8th November 2010

    Professor Tony Ryan explains how we can use nanotechnology to shed light some of the most fundamental questions: how did life begin on Earth, and how might it have begun in other environments?

  • 2050: Sustainable Britain?

    4th November 2010

    John Emsley explains how together we could create a healthy, wealthy and sustainable Britain and set an example to the world.

  • Elements of scientific success

    7th October 2010

    Richard Pike, CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry, delves into the history of the RSC as part of a lecture series by all Burlington House Societies to celebrate the Story of London Festival.

  • Crime scene to court

    2nd September 2010

    We've all seen it on TV, but what role does forensics really play in a criminal investigation? Peter White, consultant and Professor of Forensic Science, reveals all.

  • Make mine a pint!

    5th August 2010

    Once upon a time some bright spark made a drink that was tasty, alcoholic and safer than water. What was this miracle drink? Beer!

  • Why do onions make us cry?

    15th July 2010

    For all those who suffer when they cut an onion, help is at hand.

  • The Detective's Eye

    11th June 2010

    Using chemistry to restore art to its former glory

  • Our planet's peculiar atmosphere

    13th May 2010

    Which came first: life, or the Earth's peculiar atmosphere? Richard Wayne investigates...

  • Chemistry Centre grand opening

    30th April 2010

    Not a public event, but a special one worth remembering

  • Making the food of the Gods

    31st March 2010

    Writer and scientist Stephen T Beckett explains the science of chocolate

  • Living life on the edge

    4th February 2010

    Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's need to be tackled now, says Professor Chris Dobson

  • Perfumery's Hot Date

    21st January 2010

    Discovering how perfume is created using a special relationship between mother nature and mankind's creativity