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A Hospital Lab that Fits in Your Palm

5th September 2013

Professor Japp den Toonder will lecture on the point of care diagnostics

  • The Science of Beer Flavour and Food Matching

    1st August 2013

    Dr Debbie Parker will cover the composition of beer flavour and the contribution of malt, hops and yeast to the flavour of the final beer

  • Balancing World Energy Needs

    4th July 2013

    Securing the future achieving a balance between the challenges of the 'energy trilemma'

  • A Bridge to your Sole

    6th June 2013

    Julian Hakes, award winning UK architect explained how he went from, using science and technology, designing buildings and bridges to shoes for London Fashion Week

  • Slippery Secrets

    2nd May 2013

    The hidden science within the life-blood of your car

  • Where the Streets have No Name

    18th April 2013

    Paolo Bellutta, a driver of the MSL rover Curiosity, about what has been done on Mars and where they are going next

  • Joseph Priestley

    4th April 2013

    Among many chemists and historians of science Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) is only known as Lavoisier's nemesis, an obstinate defender of the outmoded phlogiston theory

  • Stop Horsing Around with Our Food

    14th March 2013

    A Panel Debate on Food Safety in the UK

  • The Arsonist, the Martian, the Cat and the Coke...

    7th March 2013

    Dr Tony Bristow will look at exciting applications of mass spectrometry and how it is used in ways that directly affect our lives

  • The Silent Tragedy of Skin Disease

    7th February 2013

    Professor Matts describes how skin disease is both highly preventable and amenable to treatment using very basic chemistry

  • Making Sense of Scents

    10th January 2013

    Engage with a panel of experts to learn about the powerful effects that fragrances have on enhancing lives, rehabilitation and triggering reactions and memories

  • Test Tubes and Trains

    6th December 2012

    Colin A. Russell and John Hudson will explain the chemical foundations of the railway industry

  • Performance Science in Olympic and Paralympic Sport

    6th November 2012

    Scott Drawer, Head of R&I at UK Sport, explores British excellence in academia and industry to support sport performance

  • From waste to wealth using Green Chemistry

    27th September 2012

    Professor James Clark will talk about waste as an opportunity rather than a problem

  • Chemistry: a key to human progress

    5th July 2012

    Professor, Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, President of the American Chemical Society, will talk about the biggest challenge for chemistry today

  • Bringing Science to the Olympics

    14th June 2012

    A GSK sponsored lecture on the role of chemistry in London 2012

  • From test tube to Turner - the role of the chemist in art

    12th April 2012

    Professor Andy Abbott looks at the changes in the artist's pallet from natural pigments through the work of the alchemist and the chemist to the current kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

  • Genetic fingerprinting: past, present and future

    1st March 2012

    Alec Jeffreys will discuss the origins of DNA fingerprinting through to the latest developments and their social impact.

  • A medicine cabinet in your garden?

    19th January 2012

    Professor Monique Simmonds, Director of Kew Innovation Unit, talks about the use of plants and fungi as sources of sustainably harvested medicines.

  • Next few days to next few decades

    11th January 2012

    BBC Weather presenter and Met Office forecaster Peter Gibbs takes a behind the scenes look at weather prediction.

  • The quest for a clean drink

    7th December 2011

    Phil Souter discusses the challenges faced in making potential water sources drinkable using chemical technology.

  • Science for a safer world

    21st November 2011

    Dr Derek Craston, the Government Chemist, reveals how Captain Scott's preparations for his 1901 Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic included a personal request to the Government Chemist to analyse his planned food supplies.

  • The three lives of Marie Curie

    17th November 2011

    Dr Serge Plattard examines how through the development of radiotherapy methods and instruments Marie Curie led the way in the fight against cancer.

  • Harnessing the Light Fantastic

    10th November 2011

    Professor Nick Terrill explains how using light is pushing forward research in futuristic materials.

  • What's in my stuff?

    13th October 2011

    Dr Hywel Jones presents a science and art based approach to raising awareness of the use of the elements in consumer technology.

  • Recharging the Planet

    8th September 2011

    Professor Clare Grey will talk about some of the latest developments in energy storage and how it will influence future sustainable transport.

  • Robert Boyle's A Sceptical Chymist

    4th August 2011

    Celebrate the 350th anniversary of the publication of a Sceptical Chymist by Robert Boyle with Professor Duncan Thorburn Burns.