Beating the Superbugs

18 November 2013 6 pm
The Chemistry Centre, London W1J 0BA

Resistant bugs are killing 25,000 people a year across Europe - almost the same number of people die in road traffic accidents. As bacteria continue to develop resistance and the flow of new antibiotics is diminishing, there is now a real threat to human health. To help better understand these challenges and how they can be addressed, the Royal Society of Chemistry is hosting a panel discussion. Some of the key issues which will be explored are: 
• Overcoming the scientific barriers in researching new antibiotics. How do we find new treatments that kill the bugs without killing the patients?  
• Ensuring the conservation and appropriate use of antibiotic drugs 
• Ensuring the research and development of new antimicrobials is financially viable for those investing in the drug discovery pipeline 
• Tackling this issue on a global scale through global surveillance and monitoring

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