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The web is full of great videos demonstrating the wonder of chemistry. We've selected the very best ones for your entertainment.

An Amateur's Guide to Jetpacks

Jetpacks rely on chemistry to get off the ground

More videos:

  • The Elements Game

    The Elements Game

    Can you beat 26 month old Rosie's knowledge of the Periodic Table?

  • Daniel Radcliffe sings The Elements

    Daniel Radcliffe sings The Elements

    Daniel Radcliffe, star in the Harry Potter films, sings The Elements by Tom Lehrer on the Graham Norton Show.

  • Do the Twist with non-Newtonian fluids

    Do the Twist with non-Newtonian fluids

    Put a non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker and watch the results

  • Chemistry party

    Chemistry party

    What would elements be like if they all met at a party?

  • Nitroglycerine


    Why you shouldn't hit nitroglycerine with a hammer

  • Why does the sun shine?

    Why does the sun shine?

    Sun shine is the result of nuclear fission taking place in the sun turning hydrogen into helium.

  • Google instant's Elements song

    Google instant's Elements song

    Google Instant plus Tom Lehrer creates fun musical chemistry mayhem

  • The Science of White

    The Science of White

    Andrea Sella discusses the science of the colour white.

  • The colour of money

    The colour of money

    Changing the colour of money using chemistry

  • Meet the Elements

    Meet the Elements

    A song by They Might Be Giants from their album Here Comes Science

  • Oxygen at elementary school!

    Oxygen at elementary school!

    Oxygen tries to make friends in the playground

  • How photocopiers work

    How photocopiers work

    The science behind a photocopier

  • Chip Pan Fire

    Chip Pan Fire

    How not to handle a chip pan fire

  • Barking dog

    Barking dog

    A lit tube 'barks' like a dog

  • Milk kaleidoscope

    Milk kaleidoscope

    Washing up liquid, food colour and milk create a kaleidoscope

  • Pharaoh's serpent

    Pharaoh's serpent

    Setting light to some white powder raises a mysterious serpent

  • Amazing fluorescence demo

    Amazing fluorescence demo

    Incredible green fluorescence in a beaker

  • Phosphorus sun

    Phosphorus sun

    Dr Hal Sosabowski performs a beautiful and dangerous experiment

  • Money to burn

    Money to burn

    A £20 note goes up in flames and survives the ordeal

  • Vanishing cup trick

    Vanishing cup trick

    A styrofoam cup completely disappears in acetone

  • Learn to drive with chemistry

    Learn to drive with chemistry

    Driving involves the full spectrum of fluorescence

  • Whoosh bottle

    Whoosh bottle

    A jet engine in a watter bottle

  • Coke density

    Coke density

    Just how much sugar is there in that can of Coke?

  • Volcano!


    A smouldering pile suddenly emits a shower of sparks, flames and smoke

  • Sugar snake

    Sugar snake

    Sugar turns in to a large black snake, which rises out a beaker

  • Flame tests

    Flame tests

    Different metals burn with different colours

  • Making hot ice

    Making hot ice

    "Hot ice" is actually super-saturated sodium acetate solution and is great fun to play with

  • Jumping sodium

    Jumping sodium

    Sodium and water react violently, but here's a nice way of demonstrating it

  • Dry ice bubble

    Dry ice bubble

    A great effect - a huge bubble filled with carbon dioxide and water vapour. Watch as it bursts...

  • Flaming ice

    Flaming ice

    Odd as it sounds - setting ice on fire

  • Underwater fireworks

    Underwater fireworks

    Lighting welding gas underwater makes for a nice show

  • Elephant toothpaste

    Elephant toothpaste

    How to produce very large quantities of foam very rapidly

  • Make silly putty

    Make silly putty

    Do some chemistry at home, get a fun product!

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