Chemical Science Topics

Chemistry is the science of everyday life - it has a role in everything we do. Discover through these links just how important chemistry is.

  • Energy


    How will we power our lifestyle in the future?


  • Food

    How will we feed the world's ever-expanding population?


  • Future Cities

    Future Cities

    How will we make our cities clean, sustainable places to live?

    Future Cities

  • Health

    How will we keep people healthy and cure them when they are ill?


  • Lifestyle and Recreation

    How will new technologies affect how we live, work and play?

    Lifestyle and Recreation

  • Raw Materials and Feedstocks

    Raw Materials and Feedstocks

    How will we preserve the Earth's precious resources?

    Raw Materials and Feedstocks

  • Water and Air

    How will we provide the whole world with clean water and air?

    Water and Air