About the RSC

The Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, is the foremost organisation in the world dedicated to promoting and developing the chemical sciences for the benefit of society.

Scientists creating a flame in the dark

It can trace its origins back to the establishment of The Chemical Society in 1841, in Burlington House, London.

It was granted its first Royal Charter in 1848, and it continues to pursue the aims of the advancement of chemistry as a science, the dissemination of chemical knowledge, and the development of chemical applications.

The key role that the chemical sciences will play in the search for solutions to challenges which face humanity in the 21st Century, from finding cures for diseases to building a sustainable environment, makes the need for such an advocate of beneficial scientific progress as strong as ever. 

Over a century and a half on from its beginnings, the RSC has a global membership of over 47,000 and is actively involved in education, qualifications and professional conduct. It runs conferences and meetings for chemical scientists, industrialists and policy makers at both national and local level.

It is a major publisher of scientific books and journals, the majority of which are held in the Library and Information Centre in Burlington House, London. In all its work, the RSC is objective and impartial, and is recognised throughout the world as an authoritative voice of chemistry and chemists.


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